too many beautiful moments of OOOM Tour 2010 to embody on this here blog, but thanks to amazing people we met along the way, and our own inner team, we managed to capture a lot of it to share with you at home… and the ones who have not yet seen OOOM in flesh and blood. the beauty of the snow and cold sun in january 2011, is building up inspiration for the next chapter of sounds, but for now, we still have ooom songs to listen to loud and clear…. a few shows left in her for 2011 too!

take a look at what the lovely polish friends we made put together…
thank you weronika & przemek & poland!!


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  1. Jarno says:

    Vava czinky! 😀

    Thanks for the hilarious post again. Missed you.

  2. Pietro says:

    I miss you, miss the band, miss the tour, miss everything … Get back the OOOM tour on the road, please! 😉

  3. Lestatus says:

    many things to learn from you Melissa! Thank you!

  4. Katarina says:

    Great story Thank you for this tale

  5. Jane says:

    Have a great winter, I guess. You rock.

  6. […] sound. there was an honorary polish lover of sound there, przemyslaw! same video man who made the BEHIND THE OOOM IN POLAND tour report in 2010. this time he flew to ROMA and made MAdMRome document for us! next! sardinia! […]

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