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UNDER A SUPER FULL MOON, TONIGHT, THE TIDES TURN AND THE NEW SEASON COMES IN. THE SYMBOL OF THE FISH GIVES WAY TO A FIERY RAM…. a new chapter, this time compounded with the biggest moon in decades. i feel the pulse of life inside fueled by the sun, the moon and a pounding heart. i have a blog report from the NYC and MTL shows on its way, but first let’s take this weekend to enjoy the turn.

our thoughts are with the people of japan who are struggling in a way that the majority of us cannot imagine. reports of admirable behavior and people working hard to help one another gives us all hope.



100 YEARS AGO…. The Fight for Equality began – we’ve come a long way girls, but there are still centuries upon generation of patterns to break even in the most progressive modern societies… still there is violence and abuse happening behind closed doors and of course there are foreign countries where archaic oppression and disrespect of women are still the norm. The world has historically been defined by men, but since my mother’s pioneering and adventurous generation who paved the way for modern women like us, we’ve made leaps and bound, but it will take another few generations to counter balance the inequality of the past…. the fight goes on, and comes from STRENGTH, POSITIVITY AND HOPE HOPE HOPE to make the world a better place for future generations.

The first European country to introduce women’s suffrage was the Grand Duchy of Finland and that country, then a part of the Russian Empire with autonomous powers, produced the world’s first female members of parliament as a result of the 1907 parliamentary elections. The predecessor state of modern Finland, The Grand Principality of Finland was part of the Russian Empire from 1809 to 1917 and enjoyed a high degree of autonomy. The Parliament Act in 1906 established the unicameral parliament of Finland and both women and men were given the right to vote and stand for election. Thus Finnish women became the first in the world to have unrestricted rights both to vote and to stand for parliament. In elections the next year, 19 female MPs, first ones in the world, were elected and women have continued to play a central role in the nation’s politics ever since. Miina Sillanpää, a key figure in the worker’s movement, became the first female minister in 1926.

Women in Finnish Parliament 1907!

CANADA has had a good track record for recognizing women, and a good organization heard my 2011 new years eve, to find a Youth and Women’s organization i could participating in….. Girls Action Organization called, and now i am a SPARK in their LIGHT A SPARK CAMPAIGNlaunching today! thanks for having me aboard…. THE YOUNG WOMEN OF CANADA have access to the world’s highest quality of life. there is no reason why, the future of the world, can not be shaped by the strong, hardworking women of CANADA. GO GO GO! you get my vote!

Let’s light a spark under the asses of all the women we love today. light it with love and encouragement to follow you inner dreams and make a difference – life is short, make the most of it today!



I AM AN INDEPENDENT MUSICIAN! 2010 marked my first totally independently created, produced and released project: OUT OF OUR MINDS: ALBUM – FILM – COMIC
i am happy to know there are organized, organizations, taking the time to recognize and support these efforts made by musicians. it’s the wave of the future i hear! a great wave, promising a tidal wave of experimental sounds coming out way this new decade! It’s the 10th year of the INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS and OOOM has been nominated in the Alternative / Hard Rock category. THANK YOU to the IMAs for recognizing and nominating my album.
there is also a “listeners” poll, for you to vote for my album to win:


thanks for listening,

Special Montreal Show March 11 2011

It’s an honor for me to be invited to be one of the two GUESTS OF HONOR at the 10th anniversary of Montreal’s Festival of the Americas. It is fantastic avant guard festival that celebrates diverse arts, from poetry, performance art and music. The director and artist in her own right D Kimm, invited me to create a show especially for this event at one of Montreal’s best theaters La Tulipe. please describe the show…..

“When I was thirteen, I stared into the night sky long enough to grasp the notion of infinity. Even since, I’ve been orbiting around the themes of time travel and duality. Contemplating, exploring the dual realities of earth and outer space, masculine and feminine, inner and outer worlds, heart and mind… My concert at La Tulipe, in honor of the Festival Voix d’Amériques 10th anniversary, is an extension of this exploration. An intimate show, created exclusively for this event, I will experiment with my current repertoire and play tribute to the influential work of others.”

read more about the FVA HERE! while i get back to work digging up songs of others and playing with my new bass micro synth pedal….

hope to see TEAM OOOM and new Montreal faces at the show x
for those of you in the New York area, don’t forget my NYC 3/3/11 show!

French 2010 Readers Poll Choose MAdM!

Thanks to Martial Gille on Facebook, it was brought to my attention that the French people voted me #3 Artist of the Year 2010 in ROCK N’ FOLK magazine – just below ROBERT FUCKING PLANT ZEPLIN! what an absolute honor. despite my lack of muscle in the management, label and business divisions on this last OOOM chapter, the listeners, both music journalists and music fans, have been more supportive and receptive of my work and music than ever before!!! this is a sign of being on the right path. YOU are the ones who know, the ones who bring the music home, into your personal lives and homes, who allow me to be part of the soundtrack of your lives. THANK YOU very very very much for this.

it has been a very hard couple of years of reinventing and searching for the answers to these haunting questions:
“how do i continue to make music with my life”
“how do i learn to run a business that is built on emotional honesty and artistic integrity, NOT on business”
“how do i survive these changing times”
“how does a woman grow into maturity in both her personal and creative life”
“how do they fit together? how do the wrestle with one another?”
“how does a woman in the arts age gracefully and remain relevant to the public”
“where are my role models”
“how can we join together to lend wisdom and support one another”

i don’t expect you know the answers, i know i will find them out as i go, and will document them in many forms. my blog, my music, my visual work, my relationships, my projects and in the way i live my life. may we learn from one another.

thanks for stopping by virtual home today,

merci au FRANCAIS & ROCK N’ FOLK for your support x o x o x



i am sorry to say, again do to strange uptight laws about public contests, we can only give away to the country we are based in…. please tell your international friends reading, that this is not my choice. sorry!
for those that are located in the USA you can
Lomo and John Fluevog have generously donated a “Color Splash Camera” and a pair of “Auf der Maur” boots, to a lucky follower of these here waves….. any of you who know me, know my LOVE of Lomo Photography and Leather boots, well the love is coming back our way.
We will announce the winner March 1 2011, and if the winner is in NYC, they can pick up the goods from me personally in March 3 2011 at the NYC OOOM Tour show at the Highline ballroom!



“Long Way From Home” Istanbul Acoustic Sessions / Melissa Auf der Maur – Out of Our Minds from Long Way From Home on Vimeo.




too many beautiful moments of OOOM Tour 2010 to embody on this here blog, but thanks to amazing people we met along the way, and our own inner team, we managed to capture a lot of it to share with you at home… and the ones who have not yet seen OOOM in flesh and blood. the beauty of the snow and cold sun in january 2011, is building up inspiration for the next chapter of sounds, but for now, we still have ooom songs to listen to loud and clear…. a few shows left in her for 2011 too!

take a look at what the lovely polish friends we made put together…
thank you weronika & przemek & poland!!


MAdM in Magic Church on TV!

dear ooom tour blog followers!
remember OOOM TOUR BLOG #10 ~ KOLN ?!?!
the amazing church show, the little chairs acoustic performance et all…
well the TV crew which shot and recorded the show impeccably for ROCKPALAST, germany’s leading live rock tv show, televised the show last week, and you can watch it on their website! team OOOM, the pastor THOMAS and the whole TV crew did a fantastic job that night. one of the highlights of the whole tour (that i am still reeling with magic energy in my blood!). watch it … feel it … reach for it!

living in the past and loving it!


it’s been mighty hard to wake up from the post ooom tour bliss… after 7 perfect weeks of playing music, then arriving home for family holidays and snow storm after snow storm…. i’ve been unplugged from the internet and relishing in what feels like a dream. this has been bliss. finally releasing OUT OF OUR MINDS after many years of restructuring and seeking the mysterious “new” path to release music and feelings, was the root of this past year- the OUT OF OUR MINDS tour, was the fire at the end of the 2010 OOOM tunnel. a perfect cycle. thank you to all that came and were part of it. we are digging into some ooom tour out takes and highlights to recap, but i wanted to start with celebrating my #8 position in world leading hard rock mag’s year end pole! fantasticcccccc! thank you dearest KKKKKKKerang. you have always been supporters, since way back when the “ginger” joined hole x this is what they said, and i am humbled and teary eyed to read it:

“…the Canadian has long been one of rock’s most artistic souls … Out Of Our Minds is a beguiling ethereal collection of songs that sound unlike anything else out there.”

Earlier this year upon the release they gave OOOM a 4 K review and said this….
“MAdM is now comfortable in her own (celebrity) skin that she can turn her hand to any style she damn well pleases” (KKKK)

not to mention the KKKK LIVE review from the tour!
“There’s nothing flashy or excessive about the performance but… there’s no doubting the quality or care of offer or the fact that, for Melissa Auf der Maur, it really  is all about the music”

it’s a great place to end a year of amazing and hard work. my muscles are still pumped from the bass swinging and head banging …. i will be back for more!! just waking up to find the next path to you, you and you