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washington d.c. area

Another update to let you all know how much i love music, and people who make music and people who listen to music.

the curiosa festival continues to inspire me in many ways. the true love of music around here is so beautiful. last week i was calling it “the most romantic tour of the summer”, now i am calling it “the hope tour, 2004”.

there is an amazing sense of community building amongst us on the tour (you know me, the music community romantic…). The sense of closeness and effort robert smith is making to make us feel like a whole has a lot to do with it. he is incredible….inspiring personally and of course musically.

last night we had a farewell party for the thursday guys, despite the fact that it was wednesday, it was their last day on the curiosa tour, they are off to the warped tour now. we were sad to see them go, and they did not want to go. this tour has a rare delicacy and intimacy, which is hard to find anywhere in these intense times. i havent felt this since hole toured with lollapolooza 1995. we had a great show in ohio yesterday. it was our first day of rain on this tour so it was extra melancholy. it was at a beautiful venue in the woods, the main stage area is made of wood and specially designed for accoustics. it looked and sounded great. the cure played alot of very obscure songs of theirs, a real treat for the die hard fans. i saw rabbits hopping through the night time woods. it is fun out here! come participate.

we have another 10 dates out here, then off the european festivals… i hope everybody’s summer is treating them well and that you are finding beauty and hope around you.

thank you to everyone who has been showing support, and welcome to all those who have recently opened their ears to this and have discoverd it in the last few good and follow your heart!


Greetings from the beginning of The Most Romantic Music Tour In This Nation!!!!! This weekend we began The Curiosa tour in Florida, and it was more than i could have ever hoped for! The line up is impecable; full of honesty, origionality and romance (all hand picked by The Cure. Thank you Robert!) The crowd was perfect. Open minded, excited and curious at The Curiosa tour! It was an amazing opportunity for me to introduce the music to completely new ears. People who have never heared a note or a mention of my name before, were so enthusiastic to find something new that connected with them. That is the perfect attitude and atmosphere for what i consider to be a true “alternative” to the other North American summer festivals. I discovered the great and origional music of the brittish band The Cooper Temple Clause. I heared the beautiful sounds of Interpol bouncing in the open aired venue, rolling through the thick Florida summer evening air, and much more……..

But the day was perfectly topped with, of course, the familiar sounds of The Cure. So many great melodies and memories of the past washed over me. The crowd was sweet and attentive. I felt so thankful for being a part of this festival. I thanked Robert Smith personally after the show for creating the perfect musical home for us; the bands and all the like minded people in the audience. What a nice summer treat for all os us. So I am thrilled to be out here! Muse join the tour this week, and i am eager to see them translate their beautiful symphonies live! Join us at one of the shows if you can! It is really good music and good people.

Thank you to everyone who has shown support and let the music run through them!

Be good,and make the most of what you have; music AND life.


hello! i am relaxing on my first day off since my west coast whirlwind. i’ve done my laundry, and had good meal and will see a movie tonight. the west coast tour was fun. we had great shows in sanfran and seattle. then we went back down to l.a. for our spaceland show which was really fun. our friends yellow #5 (who are amazing! wow molly, dave and alfredo are cool players!) and the amazing mondo generator played. it made for a cozy rock night. then we played ameoba record store thenext day, and that turned out really well. you’d think that rocking under florescent lights in the early evening would be akward, but it wasn’t. a lot of people showed up (thank you!) and the overall vibe and spirit of that store is so good and true music loving that you can’t go wrong. our great guitar player kim pryor has been part of the ameoba family for a long while, and she calls that place home. we love it.

we had some great shows this past weekend in the deep HOT south; columbia south carolina and atlanta. these were really enthusiastic crowds. the south is a passionate place!

last but not least, we played a free chicago street party sunday, and i thanked the streets of chicago for all the incredible and inspiring music chicago has given us.

that is the update……off to scandinavia tomorrow! beautiful outdoor festivals. i am eager to cross that big ocean and eat swedish meatballs. more when i get back to the u.s., and start (YAY) the cure tour! see you soon!

oh yeah, follow your dreams, and take risks.

West Hollywood?!

I am playing very early at the Troubadour! For those of you who can’t make it to Spaceland July 6th (With YELLO#5 and Mondo Generator!!!) I hope you can make it tonight. We were thrown on to this bill last minute cause we wanted to play as much as possible! Last night we began our short West Coast club tour in San Diego, and the crowd was amazing! Sweaty, after midnight show and the people were so enthusiastic, it was great! Thank you to everyone that came. We head up the coast and find ourselves presenting these new sounds to all the great West Coast cities, it is ourfirst visit around these parts, and I am eager!

The summer is really setting in, and people are excited about life, music and smiles…right! and loud rock music as always. I am eagerly awaited the cute tour which begins at the end of July in Florida. I can’t wait to check out those bands and be part of the Cure appreciation tour. I was very sorry to hear Lollapalooza cancelled, it was a great lineup…but something wasn’t working I guess…what is Morrissey gonna do now? and where will we see him play?

Off to soundcheck, and looking for a vocal fx box for my monster voice in “I Need I Want I Will.” I need a monster in a box! Where can I find one in Hollywood? Probably around every corner!

Be good, and enjoy these summer nights…

Downtime, revving up for some In-Store fun!!!

The OFFSPRING tour has ended, the album is out and we are embarking on some intimate acoustic in store performances this week! New England (where my Mother’s side of the family is from) Newbury Comics style In-Stores. Fun! Time to meet people face to face and turn the heavy rock songs down into pretty (but creepy) acoustic sets. This will lead us to next week’s NYC show at Mercury Lounge – fun, sweat and friends in the Big Apple! Then there is our first TV appearance with my redheaded brother, Conan! Fun keeps coming, and I keep meeting nice people along the way, all because of music…

I was supposed to be playing a John Kerry benefit on the 17th of June but it has been rescheduled to later this summer. I will keep you posted. While we are on this topic:

Please DO NOT forget to register to vote. As you know, your vote does count – and voting is your opportunity to take action. I know at times the big political picture seems impenetrable, but we’ve got to at least try!!!! Protect your future by choosing the better option for you and your views. The last U.S. election in 2000 was a really crucial one, and although I am a very proud Canadian I am a U.S citizen as well and I made sure to vote (even though I was on tour in Europe! You can vote from abroad! No excuses!). What frustrates me is a lot of my friends (sweet AND smart friends) did not vote last time around out of lazyness or worse, a feeling that it wouldn’t make a difference (I think things would be very different right now had a Democrat stayed in power). I hope this doesn’t happen again this time around! We don’t want that to happen again – we can’t afford to lose the votes of smart individuals! Please take the opportunity to choose the person and party who best represent you and vote. I know none of the candidates are perfect, but some of them truly are terrible, and we must, at the very least, protect ourselves from them!!

There is also a very important Canadian election coming up this month (June 28th!!!) to choose our new Prime-Minister, so for all the Canadians reading, please participate in this big decision in your fine country!

Please vote and have faith that we as individuals can make a difference. Pass it on!

Wow! Back to the music: I love it, and have been enjoying myself tremendously with it thus far in 2004. Thank you for listening and for all the support you’ve shown!

See you soon?

ps: we are getting ready for a fun West Coast club tour for late June!!!


Oh my! It is June 1st.

My album is officially released all around the world as of NOW!!! Wow. So anyone, anywhere can get their paws on these sounds. Once their fuzzy paws get a hold of it then their cute ears can open up and listen, and then maybe their heart will warm up to it…or better yet, their hips will begin to sway and head begin to rock back and forth. This idea makes me happy. Thank you to everyone who has listened and shown support of these new sounds.

2004 is good! 2004 is loud!

13 Day Count Down

Columbus, Ohio. Day Off!

Trying to rock the Mid-West…So far, so good. Four shows into this Offspring tour (our first 4 shows in the USA!) – everyone is extremely nice from both the Offspring and The Start camps. It is just the beginning, just like back in Feb when we launched this year & album, opening up for A Perfect Circle in Europe: we are introducing this new music to new people!! 13-day countdown until the release of the first AUF dER MAUR album! Until then, thank you to all the new ears and hearts opening up to this music at these first shows in North America. See the rest of you soon enough! All summer long touring North America.

Munich, Germany


WE ARE IN MUNICH TONIGHT. We are in the midst of the german moment of the tour. Berlin last night was great! The people moshed, rocked and danced! There was a fun after party at an east Berlin club that was full of Canadian and American transplants, good times. Hamburg was the day before, and there too they were serious and attentive rocking Germans!

Over the weekend we were in Scandinavia; Oslo and Stockholm were in fine Viking-blood form. They are serious about the drama and romance in heavy rock music. Just like me! The freezing winters with overwhelming snow demands it of us. Rock keeps us hot and fuzzy!

So overall everything is going great. We are having an amazing tour, it is so great to be sharing the music with open eared and open hearted people of Europe. Next stop is Europe’s sweet child North America. The music exchange will begin on May 11 th in Minneapolis on tour with The Offspring. In 1995 I toured Australia (the Big Day Out tour) with Offspring and they were really nice guys. My drummer buddy Atom Willard (of RFTC and plays on “Head Unbound” and “Would if I Could” on AdM) is now playing with them now, and that is a BONUS because he is one of my favorite drummers to watch live! Yay for Atom.

So, all this to say, I am very happy. Music makes me happy, this life I am lucky to live makes me so happy. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support, I am able to follow my dream because of you. Thank you!!!!!!

I had a dream I pass it on.

Keep the dream flame alive, pass it on!


Three days in Scandinavia. Spent some time in a hippy compound in Copenhagen – wonderful, although the presence of police and the big man trying to shut down their magical ways was frustrating to see.

Mingling with the Vikings, collecting latex weapons, and in search of more mysteries of the northern world. They love heavy rock music up here! Just like my brothers and sisters in Canada.

Thanks to everybody for coming to the shows – you make my night!

More later…Where are the horses?

DAY OFF! Friebourg, Germany

Hello! We have had a lovely day of rest, and time to reflect on the past three amazing days. The first Auf der Maur headline tour began on Monday in Bruxelles, Belgium. It was incredible. A beautiful venue called the AB box, and a really mixed and enthusiastic crowd. Sold out! The album has been out in europe for a while here, so the people knew the music! This was a first for these songs and this project. The next day was Cologne, Germany, a dirty, small and sweaty club called Prime. It was really hot and the stage was nice and low so that we were almost at eye level with crowd as they smiled and sang along! It was so new and exciting I got goose bumps. Last night was Amsterdam, one of the worlds most liberal and open minded places in the world. In turn it is one of the only countries with hard rock radio that plays Followed the Waves, DURING THE DAY! Those dutch love heavy music. So the crowd at the legendary, Milkyway club, was smiling the whole way through with open minds and full attention. Beautiful young women right up against the stage singing along and making me smile. Sir Chris Goss was in Amsterdam doing promotion for his new album, perfectly timed to join me on stage for an “Overpower thee” duet. A truly blissful moment in my life in music. It was SOOOOO COOL! Chris is my papa bear of rock, and our mutual love and respect warms my heart!

The touring of this album has officially begun, and thus has the musical connection to the people! I made this album because I wanted to celebrate and explore my love of music. Music has had an amazing affect and influence on my life, far beyond just the sounds of it. It has filled my life with so many amazing people and experiences, and has given me direction. So many mysteries such as love, death, truth and beauty, can be explored through the making or listening of music. Not to mention amazing melodies and heavy riffs! I want to share all of this with others. It is a way of relating and connecting.

I hope this sense of discovery and curiosity is coming across through the music, into your ears, and inspiring adventure in you! Thank you for checking in, and thank you to those who are making it out to the shows here in Europe. As for the rest of you, we plan to explore the globe as much as we can with this album, and hopefully will be in a city near you soon!

I love music and am very grateful for what it has brought into my life. May we keep it alive and loud in the world. Thank you music lovers!